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——————————— ABOUT US ———————————

Guangzhou Exceed International Freight Co., Ltd. is a CLASS-A International Freight Forwarding Company approved by the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN


We have our own branches and agents in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Miami, FL, and Taipei respectively. We have close cooperation

specialized agents in main port of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, North America and Southeast Asia. We can serve clients in sea, land and air

transportation. For over 10 years of American line experience and China east line experience. In the United States and the Middle East, we have our own

professional marine operators, special customs clearance, complete and full range of inland transportation service systems, modern global network management

systems, and the registration of FMC, also has become the NVOCC of the United States. The main routes are North America, Middle East India, India and

Pakistan, Africa, Europe, China and South America. Other routes also have long-term cooperative agents and ship companies to provide the best ocean freight rate. We hope to develop together with the vast

majority of the cargo owners and freight forwarders. Your trust will be our positive response and the beginning of our common development.

Our services:

1. Shipping transportation

Exceed has been working hard to improve maritime transport since its establishment. After years of development, we have become a professional for maritime

services from China to North America, Middle East India and Pakistan, Africa, Europe. Our shipping services include FCL service, bulk LCL service, loading and devanning services.

2. Airfreight transportation

Exceed has gradually moved from a professional marine service to a three-dimensional service. To this end, we have set up a dedicated air transport department to provide air services from China to the rest

of the world through the cooperation of major airlines and carefully selected agents from around the world.

3. Trucking, Customs clearance and warehousing services

We are ability to handle all goods of import and export (Customs clearance/declaration and providing full set of documents for Customs clearance). Especially at Guangzhou port and Shenzhen port,we can

provide rapid export customs clearance services, especially good at export for battery in one-stop service. The Hong Kong and Chinese transport vehicles in our company have been serving large group

companies. Quickly coordinate for the urgent trucking with the truck by large horsepower. We have our own warehouses near the port of PRD. It’s very professional to deal with loading and unloading for all

kinds of container especially for the Battery.  

good cooperation

Based on the good cooperation with OOCL, COSCO, MAERSK, CMA, CHINA SHIPPING, MSC, PIL, K-LINE and other ship-owners and shipping agents, we can offer competitive prices to our customers with a certain guarantee of shipping space.

Fast and convenient logistics service
Because we have our own branches in the United States, the Middle East and Africa, and strong agents in various ports, we can provide complete customs clearance, trailer, delivery services in the United States and the Middle East. The sea freight can be Prepaid or Collect, and we also can collect the payment for goods on behalf of client. We’re responsible for every step conveniently, fast and safely. We always dealt with at the first time when any emergencies occurred.
Rich experience in shipping and handling
The managers of all departments of our company have worked in the major shipping companies for at least five years. They have rich experience in transportation and handling of trade, transportation process, special goods, special types of container and various emergencies.
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